"We're gonna Shakes Rattle and Roll"
Scenes from some of William Shakespeare's finest works,
directed by Vernon Schwartz
Feb. 2001

The Play

My Character

Sundry Information

Henry V - Act V, Scene 2
Henry IV, Part I - Act III, Scene 3

Henry IV, Part II - Act V, Scene 5
Henry V - Act II, Scene 3
Much Ado About Nothing - Act IV, Scene 2
The Merchant of Venice - Act I, Scene 3
The Merchant of Venice - Act IV, Scene 1
The Duke of Burgundy
Speech to the King's of France and England
With Falstaff In the Boar's Head Tavern

Outside the Boar's Head w/ Falstaff
Outside the Boar's Head (Falstaff is dead)
A prison (Dogberry's "Ass scene")
A public place in Venice (Shylock's Bond)
Courtroom scene (Ya gotta have Heart)