“Thank you for all the laughs during your audition — you were terrific. I want you to know you were super and I so appreciate your excellent work.”

Patrick Baca, CSA


“Kim was a consummate professional in and out. Arrived to set ready, willing, and able. His ability to take redirection made the production flow seamlessly. I was told by everyone in production and through the post process how perfect he was and how flawless he was in his delivery.”

Landon Ashworth, Director


“Best Damn actor I have seen in years.”

Stephen Snyder, Casting Director


“Talented as he is smart and funny, Kim Dildine is one of the most pleasurable character actors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. When it comes to Kim, you get as much talent as Hollywood has to offer but sans the diva tendencies!”

Lydelle Jackson, Director


“Kim offers a dedication that makes every director’s job easier.”

Cezil Reed, Director


“Kim did an awesome job. He was the first actor to arrive on set and the last to leave. Talented, dedicated, and professional is how I’d describe Kim.”

Nick Leidl, Producer


“Kim shows up prepared, ready to do the work and shine. He’s got a working actor attitude, so there’s zero drama behind the camera – he saves it for the performance. He takes direction well, incorporating ideas into the mix that is each character.

I’ve directed Kim in several projects, covering many characters. He’s a Damn fine actor and a reliable guy.”

Geoffrey Mark, Director


“Kim’s a unique talent who is at all times professional and prepared. He brings a fun energy and positive attitude that is great to have on set. Working with Kim on Up All Night with Kurt Magnum he really made the role his own and brought life to the character. “

Adam Bradshaw, Producer


“Kim was a consummate professional on set and off. He is dedicated to his craft and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Cindy Marinangel, Producer


“Thank you so much for your terrific performance as “Glen” in The Piano Teacher. I’m so grateful to you for coming in with fresh ideas and a professional attitude. You really made my job easy with your understated but hilarious performance. I’d love to work with you again–I owe you a big one.“

Simon Savelyev, Director


“You really did a great job. Everyone I’ve shown your scene loves it.”

Scott Reardon, Producer